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Verlag: Stripburger

Seit 1992 bietet das Comic-Magazin Stripburger aus Ljubljana (Slowenien) unzähligen Comic-Schaffenden aus der ganzen Welt eine Plattform. Seit fast 30 Jahren begleitet, beobachtet, ermutigt und reflektiert Stripburger die europäische und internationale Comic-Szene und wird heute auf der ganzen Welt wahrgenommen, bewundert und gefeiert – best people around!

Bi-Lungual: Slowenisch/Englisch (ältere Ausgaben: Slowenisch/BKS)

Neben den unzähligen Comics produziert das slowenische Kollektiv auch Comic-Ausstellungen und Workshops.

What is it – Stripburger? In the year 1992 the first issue of this, now legendary magazine was published. What compelled the forefathers of Stripburger to start a magazine? It was a lack of a comics magazine in Slovenia. Due to small local production, explorative tendencies of the editors and the inescapable bind between local production and global trends, the magazine was publishing comics by foreign as much as local artists – mélange of styles and narratives that remains one of the most appealing features of Stripburger.

The editorial board visited numerous festivals, book fares and galleries and succeeded in arousing the attention of the international public. In January 2001 the magazine won an award at the International Festival of Comic Art in Angouleme in the category for the best fanzine. Big attention was also given to special editions of the magazine, namely Stripburek (Comics from the Other Europe), anthology of Eastern European comics;  Honey Talks – comics inspired by painted beehive panels; and Workburger – a skillfully woven patchwork of diverse comics narratives, revolving around the topic of contemporary work.

“…edini…” – Delo, “…excellent…” – Liberation, “…well executed…” – the Comics Reporter “…bizzare…” -Wostok

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