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Stripburger #54

Stripburger Magazine (Regular Issue), December 2010, format A4-, 96 pages, language: EN / SI, cover: Daniel Bueno

Dear reader. Bite into a juicy (but not necessarily sunny) bunch of Brazilian comic strips! It’s very ample and colourful despite the black and white format.

Marcelo D’Salete, the cartoonist, who we discussed with the Brazilian cartoons respecitvely and yet specifically his author creativity, opens the Brazilian cartoon delicacy. Who are the following colourful comic strip artists, the pieces of our Brazilian jigsaw? Daniel Bueno,whose illustration also adorns the cover of this hot-off-the-press 54th edition, Clayton JuniorAllan SieberD. W. RibatskiRafael SicaJacaLaura TeixeiraGábriel GoesFábio Zimbres and Mateus Acioli, providing the icing on top of the Brazilian cake.

This issue’s back cover feature consists of two works by Marco Mendes, who is not Brazilian but nevertheless Portuguese-speaking. For the colour section, the great Max Andersson presented us with his comic strip contribution. Also in colour are the promising newcomer Alexandra Koppf and our old acquaintance, the lyrical Jon McNaught. His comics are like poetry… Poetry in comics? Of course! From the pages of this issue waves Jyrki Heikkinen, the foremost poet among comic strip artists. You will find more poetry in comics created by some of our homegrown Slovenian authors’ especially for this year’s Lighting Guerilla festival in Ljubljana.

You will get to know who “may actually be the best Slovenian comic artist ever”. Stripburger has been productively shooting the breeze with national comic strip hero Tomaž Lavrič. In the section that is devoted to text rather than images, you will again be able to read reviews, remind yourself about the Slovenian Comics Time-lag issue and learn about how we celebrated Stripburger’s 18 years of casting pearls before swine.

Now leaf through the pages and remember the slogan from the Brazilian flag: order and progress! Sounds nice, but what is going on in reality?… Enjoy!

RELEASED: December 2010, format A4-, 96 pages (8 full colour pages), offset printed locally in Slovenia.